Comics Review – Farmhand Volume 2 by Rob Guillory

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Farmhand continues to impress in volume 2. In this volume we get a shift more towards horror, now that the groundwork for the series was laid out in the first volume. I find it to really be an intriguing story, not least of all because it seems fresh. I can’t think of much else on the shelves right now that it compares too.

While the tonal shift towards horror is the big development, there’s still plenty of family drama to stay invested in the characters. And there’s plenty of humor dropped in to add a bit of levity. Guillory is great at sight gags, but provides some humor in other ways, as well.

I can’t help but feel that Guillory’s style is adding to the appeal of the book to me. A more photo-realistic brand of art would take away from the balance I think that Guillory is managing to strike between story elements that pull in different directions. The absurdity of the story is more believable when rendered in Guillory’s more cartoony style.

Im looking forward to the next volume. Farmhand has been original and intriguing so far. 

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