Most Anticipated New Books and Comics – June 2020

Here are the books and comics I’m most looking forward to that come out in June!

Queen’s Peril – E.K. Johnston

Release Date: June 2nd

I’m a big fan of all things Star Wars, and that includes the expanded universe novels. E.K. Johnston has been putting out some quality Star Wars books focused on some of he universe’s leading ladies, including Queen’s Shadow, which also focused on Queen Amidalla/Padme. This is a prequel to Queen’s Shadow and is sure to be good!

Invisible Kingdom, Vol. 2 – G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward

Release Date: June 2nd

The second volume of Invisible Kingdom, the beautiful space opera from Wilson and Ward should resolve some of the big questions from the first volume. This series is weird and unique and packs a sci-fi punch.

Shadow Fall – Alexander Freed

Release Date: June 23rd

Hey did I mention I like Star Wars?! There’s two new Star Wars books in June and the other is Shadow Fall. Shadow Fall is the sequel to Alexander Freed’s Alphabet Squadron. It’s a bit like if Suicide Squad in the Star Wars universe and I liked the first book quite a bit so I’m looking forward to the second in the series.

Pure Invention – Matt Alt

Release Date: June 23rd

Pure Invention is all about the rise of Japan’s pop culture prevalence globally. From Nintendo, to Hello Kitty, to Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, this book takes a look at how Japan became a cultural superpower. Being a fan of manga, anime, and Nintendo, I’m thinking this one should be right up my alley!

Ascender, Vol. 2 – Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen

Release Date: June 30th

One of my favorite authors is back with the second volume of Ascender. Ascender is the follow up to Descender and volume one saw some shocking developments and a stark shift from the sci-fi feel of Descender to a fantasy genre. Nguyen’s water color art is incredible and I can’t wait to see what he andLemire have in store.

Blue Ticket – Sophie Mackintosh

Release Date: June 30th

Blue Ticket is a dystopian novel along the lines of The Handmaid’s Tale. Women are forced to go through a lottery when they come of age that determines whether they will become a mother or a member of the workforce. From the synopsis: “An urgent inquiry into free will, social expectation, and the fraught space of motherhood, Blue Ticket is electrifying in its raw evocation and desire and riveting in its undeniable familiarity.”

Farmhand, Vol. 3 – Rob Guillory

Release Date: June 30th

The latest volume of Rob Guillory’s Farmhand series. I reviewed volume 2 here. It’s a very unique series and touches on very important themes, while wrapping itself up in a truly strange and original piece of science fiction.

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