Comics Roundup – Week of 6/10

I’m a subscriber to both Marvel Unlimited and DC Universe, so I’m perpetually behind current releases, but I get to read just about everything from those two companies at like 10% of what it’d normally cost. Every week I peruse the “new” releases to the services and catch up on most of what gets added. This week, I figured I’d do a roundup of the comics I read that finished up some volumes and give a brief review for each. Check them out below!

Young Justice, Vol. 1 – Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Patrick Gleason (artist)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I can’t tell if it’s just that Bendis is writing characters I haven’t seen him write before, or if he’s legitimately revitalized, but I’m enjoying almost all of his work starting out at DC. Young Justice is no exception. While I haven’t watched the show it’s based on much, I thought this was a lot of fun and it certainly doesn’t hurt getting a full volume of Patrick Gleason art. I’m looking forward to what the team does in future volumes.

Jedi Fallen Order: Dark Temple – Matthew Rosenberg (writer), Paolo Villanelli (artist), Ruairi Coleman (artist), Arif Prianto (colorist)

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Jedi Fallen Order: Dark Temple is a prequel of sorts to the popular Jedi Fallen Order video game. It features Cere Junda as a padawan and her master Eno Cordova. I wish I could say it’s as good as the game, but it was mostly just okay. Fans of the game might like the details about the past, but it’s middle of the rung Star Wars storytelling.

Old Man Quill, Vol. 2 – Ethan Sacks (writer), Robert Gill (artist), Ibraim Roberson (artist), Andres Mossa (colorist)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Yet another “Old Man” title from Marvel. This always felt like the biggest stretch in what already felt like a superfluous line of titles. I’m giving it 3 stars. I don’t think it’s written poorly or that the art is bad, but it just doesn’t ever justify its own existence, beyond Marvel trying to sell more books with the same old gag. This second volume brings the series to a conclusion. Time to let “Old” things die please Marvel.

Sword Master – Shuizhu (writer – adapted by Greg Pak), Gunji (artist)

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Sword Master is part of Greg Pak’s line of Agents of ATLAS heroes. Sword Master was written by Chinese writer Shuizhu and adapted for English by Pak. It was drawn by Gunji, also from China. While I have enjoyed Pak’s main Agents of ATLAS series, I didn’t find Sword Master on his own to be very enjoyable. The primary stories only run about 18 pages per issue and the rest was filled with a secondary arc also written by Pak. The ending was very reminiscent of a manga style of storytelling, leaving on a cliffhanger, where Western comics usually try to wrap things up at the end of the volume.

Shazam!, Vol. 1 – Geoff Johns (writer), Dale Eaglesham (artist), Mike Atiyeh (colorist)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Geoff Johns is back writing the first Shazam! series since his previous maxi-series during the New 52. It’s a solid Shazam story, but I didn’t find it to be successful as the aforementioned New 52 story. If you enjoy Shazam, you’ll probably enjoy this one, but there’s certainly better material from DC over the past few years.

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