Best of Marvel Unlimited – Week of 8/31

Here are my favorite things that got put up on Marvel Unlimited this week. All of the X books continue to be mostly excellent. I’m not looking forward to the upcoming break as the Marvel Unlimited release schedules approaches when the COVID shut down began.

X-Men #7 by Jonathan Hickman, Leinel Francis Yu, and Sunny Gho

Hickman’s X-Men continues to be excellent. Yu is putting in great work here, as well. This issue was the first time that I really felt like the team has begun to establish an emotional connection between the wide-range of mutant groups that co-exist on Krakoa. The Crucible battle was pretty moving.

Fantastic Four: Grimm Noir #1 by Gerry Duggan, Ron Garney, and Matt Milla

This one-shot isn’t connected to any running events or series. It follows Ben Grimm (The Thing) as he battles a villain that feeds on human despair. I like the story as a Ben Grimm psychoanalysis and the art was great. Marvel should do more of these stand-alone one-shots.

Giant Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost #1 by Jonathan Hickman, Russell Dauterman, and Matthew Wilson

More X material from Hickman. This giant-size follows Jean Grey and Emma Frost exploring Storm’s mindspace after she’s been attacked and is in a coma. It’s a largely silent issue and it’s absolutely beautiful. Datuerman does a masterful job with the numerous splash pages that move the plot forward despite the absence of dialogue.

Star #2 by Kelly Thompson, Javier Pina, Felipe Andrade, and Jesus Aburtov

I wasn’t super invested in Star as a character coming out of Thompson’s run on Captain Marvel but she’s managed to suck me in through two issues. The series feels like one of those classic mini-series that’s going to mash the character up with a new hero in each book. In issue two that hero is Scarlet Witch. Pina’s art is beautiful but it was great seeing Captain Marvel standby Andrade pitch in a few pages for a flashback.

Star Wars #3 by Charles Soule, Jesus Saiz, and Arif Prianto

I don’t usually love Soule’s superhero work, but he’s been probably the steadiest Star Wars writer Marvel has had since re-launching the franchise. This territory between Empire and Jedi seems ripe for exploration and the ways he’s taking Luke, Leia, and Lando have my attention. The art continues to be top-notch, like all of the Star Wars books Marvel is putting out.

What did you read this week on Marvel Unlimited?

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