Most Anticipated Books of 2021

I’m sure everyone is ready to turn the page to 2021 for a number of reasons related to how bad 2020 was. In addition to hope for a better year, there’s a ton of books slated to come out next year that I’m looking forward to! I’ve picked ten of my most anticipated books below. I’ve added the release dates as they are today, but these things can sometimes change or get delayed so here’s hoping they all hit the shelves!

Leviathan Falls – James S.A. Corey

Release Date: October 2021

This is it. Leviathan Falls is the ninth and final book in the Expanse series. It’s been my favorite series since I first picked up Leviathan Wakes. I’m anxious to see the conclusion but sad that this will be the end.

The Gilded Ones – Namina Forna

Release Date: February 2021

I’m not usually too big on YA books but this one from Namina Forna sounds too good to miss. The description reminds me of the Children of Blood and Bone series, which I enjoy a lot. It really sounds like it should be a good new fantasy series.

Fugitive Telemetry – Martha Wells

Release Date: April 2021

Another of my favorite sci-fi series that’s coming to an end in 2021! Martha Wells has been writing the MurderBot Diaries series for a few years. It originally started with a series of novellas before the first full-length novel came out in 2020. The series is original and I’m looking forward to the conclusion in Fugitive Telemetry.

Star Wars: The High Republic – Various Authors

Release Date: January 2021

I’m a big fan of all things Star Wars and 2021 will see a new initiative from the novel line that focuses on the “High Republic”. It starts with Light of the Jedi from Charles Soule in January and runs through the year. I enjoyed the Old Republic material from the old expanded universe, but I’m excited to see how they shape the old days of the Star Wars universe in the new canon.

Four Hundred Souls: A Community History of African America, 1619-2019 – edited by Ibram X. Kendi and Keisha N. Blain

Release Date: February 2021

Ibram X. Kendi and Keisha N. Blain bring together ninety authors to help tell a community history of African Americans. Each author tackles a five year span of history dating back to 1619. The format sounds innovative and the material is sure to be essential reading in learning more about African American history.

The Last Graduate – Naomi Novik

Release Date: June 2021

The Last Graduate is the second book in Naomi Novik’s new Scholomance series. I really like Novik, so its no surprise I enjoyed the first book. This series takes a more brutal and horror-filled approach to the magical school trope and should appeal to fans of fantasy.

First Person Singular – Haruki Murakami

Release Date: April 2021

Murakami is an author that I think you either like or you don’t. I happen to be in the former camp and I appreciate that he’s still consistently putting out new material this far into his career. First Person Singular is a collection of short stories that sound like they’ll hit on all of the hallmarks of a Murakami story and bring plenty of weirdness, to boot.

The Galaxy, and the Ground Within – Becky Chambers

Release Date: April 2021

Becky Chambers returns to her Wayfarers series for the fourth book. It’s a great sci-fi series and I’m looking forward to the continuation of the story. Chambers has carved out a space as one of the best science fiction writers around today and I’m sure this one will be good.

The Veiled Throne – Ken Liu

Release Date: November 2021

Liu returns to his Dandelion Dynasty series for the first time in five years with The Veiled Throne. Liu has been steadily becoming one of my favorite authors in the sci-fi/fantasy space. The early description has this one clocking in at more than 1000 pages so it’s sure to provide plenty of enjoyment over the holidays next year.

The Engagement: America’s Quarter-Century Struggle Over Same-Sex Marriage – Sasha Issenberg

Release Date: June 2021

The Engagement is another important history of a minority group in America. The book from Sasha Issenberg will tackle the conflict and history leading to the Supreme Court ruling that same-sex marriage was constitutional in the United States. At more than 900 pages, it’s sure to be quite comprehensive.

Those are just ten of the books I’m most looking forward to in 2021. What do you have on your list?

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